Faculty Members of CAIDA

Researchers Focused on Fundamental Methods in AI

The researchers in this group focus most of their research on developing fundamental AI methods. They tend to publish regularly in top AI methods conferences such as NeurIPS, ICML, AAAI, IJCAI and journals such as JMLR, MLJ, AIJ, JAIR.

Member Department Research Interests
Muhammad Abdul-Mageed iSchool Natural language processing; deep learning; social media mining
Benjamin Bloem-Reddy Statistics Bayesian methods; stochastic processes; invariance; symmetry; machine learning; statistical learning theory; network data; structured data
Alexandre Bouchard-Côté Statistics Inference; Monte Carlo methods; phylogenetics; cancer genomics; Bayesian methods; combinatorial spaces; stochastic processes
Trevor Campbell Statistics Large-scale data; Bayesian inference; Bayesian nonparametrics; Optimization; Model approximation
Giuseppe Carenini Computer Science Natural Language Processing; Summarization; Discourse Parsing; Natural Language Generation; Intelligent User Interfaces; Interactive Topic Modeling; Decision Support; Preference Elicitation and Visualization; User Modeling;
Jeff Clune Computer Science CIFAR logo   deep learning, deep reinforcement learning, open-endedness, robotics, neuroevolution, computer vision, AI neuroscience
Cristina Conati Computer Science Intelligent User Interfaces, Intelligent Virtual Agents, Explainable AI, AI in Education, Affective Computing
Michael Friedlander Computer Science Optimization
Eldad Haber Earth and Ocean Sciences Deep networks, PDEs, HPC
Nick Harvey Computer Science Machine learning theory, optimization
Laks Lakshmanan Computer Science Social networks and media; recommender systems; data cleaning; data mining
Kevin Leyton-Brown Computer Science CIFAR logo   Machine Learning; Algorithms; Optimization; Market design; Game theory
Xiaoxiao Li Electrical & Computer Engineering Federated Learning; Trustworthy AI
Renjie Liao Electrical & Computer Engineering Deep Learning on Graphs; Deep Generative Models; Probabilistic Graphical Models; Optimization for Deep Learning
Jim Little Computer Science Computer vision; mobile robotics
Mi Jung Park Computer Science CIFAR logo   Bayesian inference, Differential privacy, Neural network compression, Interpretability
Yaniv Plan Math Theoretical foundations of deep learning; Compressed sensing
Geoff Pleiss Statistics Deep learning; probabilistic modeling; Bayesian optimization
David Poole Computer Science Statistical relational AI; reasoning under uncertainty; machine learning; relational learning; knowledge representation; ontologies; preferences; probabilistic inference; probabilistic programming; actions; semantic science; AI education
Helge Rhodin Computer Science representation learning; self-supervision; computer graphics; computer vision; virtual and augmented reality; human motion capture; autonomous driving; neuroscience
Elina Robeva Math Graphical models; Causality; Linear Structural Equation Models
Mark Schmidt Computer Science CIFAR logo   Machine Learning; Numerical Optimization
Vered Shwartz Computer Science CIFAR logo   language processing; commonsense reasoning; commonsense knowledge; semantics; pragmatics; discourse; natural language understanding; natural language generation; machine learning; deep learning; representation learning; neurosymbolic methods
Leonid Sigal Computer Science CIFAR logo   Computer Vision, Visual Understanding and Reasoning, Deep Learning, Machine Learning
Danica Sutherland Computer Science CIFAR logo   machine learning; distinguishing distributions; generative models; kernel methods; deep learning; representation learning; statistical learning theory
Christos Thrampoulidis Electrical & Computer Engineering high-dimensional statistics; theory of overparameterized ML; fairness; bandits; optimization
Michiel van de Panne Computer Science Deep reinforcement learning; motion synthesis; computer animation; robotics and control
Frank Wood Computer Science CIFAR logo   Probabilistic programming; artificial intelligence; unsupervised deep learning
Kwang Moo Yi Computer Science computer vision; 3d geometry; deep sets; spatial attention; structure-from-motion; local features;
Ozgur Yilmaz Math Compressed sensing and related methods, matrix and tensor completion, automated diagnosis from medical images via deep learning


Other CAIDA Members

The remainder of CAIDA's membership is extremely diverse, with expertise spanning the full range from mathematical foundations of AI to applications (e.g., to medicine; chip design; graphics; and many more....) to public policy.

Member Department AI-Related Research Interests
Tor Aamodt Electrical & Computer Engineering Hardware accelerators for machine learning
Purang Abolmaesumi Electrical & Computer Engineering Biomedical engineering, medical image analytics
Yusuf Altintas Mechanical Engineering Adaptive control
Sam Aparicio Pathology and Laboratory Medicine  
Ali Bashashati Biomedical Engineering, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Computational Pathology; Bioinformatics; Medical Image Analysis; Biological Signal Processing; AI Applications in Medicine
Curtis Berlinguette Chemistry Autonomous laboratory for discovery of clean energy materials
Ivan Beschastnikh Computer Science Distributed Learning; Federated Learning; Formal Methods for AI/ML; Software Engineering for AI/ML
Matthew Brown Computer Science Computer Vision, Object Recognition, Scene Understanding, 3D Perception, Energy and Sustainability
Yankai Cao Chemical and Biological Engineering Large-scale Optimization; Machine Learning; Global Optimization;
Hasan Cavusoglu Sauder Applied AI Research in Economics, NLP, Deep Learning
James Colliander Math Learning analytics; image analysis; harmonic analysis; partial differential equations
Paul Cubbon Sauder Health; bio; agtech; safety
Leanne Currie Nursing Computerized clinical decision support; data science in healthcare; patient-generated data; patient safety
Khanh Dao Duc Math Molecular and Cell Biology; Image analysis; cryo-EM; Bioinformatics
Jiarui Ding Computer Science Latent Variable Model; Probabilistic Deep Learning; Density Estimation; Manifold Learning; Geometric Deep Learning; Computational Biology; Bioinformatics; Single-cell Genomics
Guy Dumont Electrical & Computer Engineering Physiological monitoring; Healthcare; Video monitoring; Intensive care; Home care; Neonatology; Weld Quality Monitoring; Robotic welding
Vitor Farinha Luz Vancouver School of Economics Mechanism design and contract theory
Hu Fu Computer Science Algorithms; Market/Mechanism Design; Game Theory; Optimization
Qiang Fu Sociology Text & Data Mining, Survey Methodology, Demographic Methods, Network and Spatial Analysis
Makoto Fujiwara Particle Physics Machine Learning in Particle Physics and Antimatter Research
Rafeef Garbi Electrical & Computer Engineering Computer vision; Image analysis; Medical imaging; Signal computing; Biomedical applications
Mike Gelbart Computer Science Hyperparameter optimization
Bhushan Gopaluni Chemical and Biological Engineering Classification (SVM), Regression, Dimensionality Reduction (PCA, PLS, ISOMAP), Learning Algorithms (Deep Learning, Gaussian Processes), Sequential Monte Carlo, Process Data Analytics
Chen Greif Computer Science Numerical linear algebra, constrained optimization, numerical solution of partial differential equations
Jason Hein Chemistry Self-Driving Chemical Laboratories; Laboratory Robotics; Autonomous Chemical Discovery
Alan Hu Computer Science  
Maryam Kamgarpour Electrical & Computer Engineering game theory; learning Nash equilibria; online and bandit optimization; safe learning; safe control synthesis; mixed integer optimization; stochastic optimization; distributed decision making; multi-agent control; rescue/distaster-response robotics, transportation systems, power grid systems
Hiroyuki Kasahara Vancouver School of Economics causal inference
Ed Knorr Computer Science Privacy; Ethics; Algorithmic Bias
Mathias Lécuyer Computer Science Differential Privacy; Causality; Reinforcement Learning; Generative Models; Federated Learning; System and Security Applications
Guy Lemieux Electrical & Computer Engineering Field-Programmable Gate Arrays
Hao Li Vancouver School of Economics mechanism design
Philip Loewen Math Reinforcement Learning for Control
Karon MacLean Computer Science Gesture recognition; activity identification; dynamic emotion modeling
Vadim Marmer Vancouver School of Economics Econometrics, Statistics
Jose Marti Electrical & Computer Engineering Decision making in large complex systems; resilience of power system networks, disaster response; modelling of economic systems
Joanna McGrenere Computer Science Adaptive user interfaces
Bill Miller Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy Mobility; wheelchair; health informatics; clinical application; evaluation;
Sanja Miskovic Mining Engineering  
Ilija Miskovic Mining Engineering AI-Assisted Geoscience and Resource Modeling; Digital Twins for Mining and O&G; Intelligent Embedded Systems; Autonomous Resource Extraction Processes and Machinery.
Ian Mitchell Computer Science Sharing control between humans and automation; robots and cyber-physical systems; assistive technology for mobility; verification of safety and correctness; numerical computing; differential equations
Ahmad Mohammadpanah Mechanical Engineering AI in Manufacturing; Applications of AI in Metal 3D Printing; Machine Learning Applications in Metal Machining
Christopher Mole Philosophy philosophy; attention
Gene Moo Lee Sauder Industry intelligence; social media; cybersecurity; mobile ecosystem
Tamara Munzner Computer Science integrating machine learning and visual analytics
Gail Murphy Computer Science Recommender systems and ML for software engineering and knowledge worker productivity
Ning Nan Sauder Agent-based models, computer simulations, AI-human interaction
Apurva Narayan Computer Science Deep Learning; Software Engineering; Safety and Security in Cyber Physical Systems; Data Mining
Laura Nelson Sociology applied AI; computational sociology; computational social science; natural language processing; machine learning; machine vision; digital humanities
Raymond Ng Computer Science Natural Language Processing
Shunya Noda Vancouver School of Economics Market Design; Mechanism Design; Blockchain
Dinesh Pai Computer Science Machine learning for digital humans, graphics, and simulation; Sensorimotor neuroscience; Robotics
Karthik Pattabiraman Electrical & Computer Engineering Dependability, Security, Safety
Jesse Perla Vancouver School of Economics Differentiable Programming in Economics; Scientific Machine Learning; Bounded Rationality
Michael Peters Vancouver School of Economics mechanism design; matching
Rachel Pottinger Computer Science data management; intelligent data interaction; data understanding and exploration
Peter Reiner Psychiatry Neuroethics; extended mind; agency; autonomy; enhancement
Julie Robillard Medicine Assistive technology; Alzheimer disease; dementia, affective computing; emotion; identity; patient experience of AI technology
Rob Rohling Electrical & Computer Engineering Medical imaging; ultrasound
Charlene Ronquillo Nursing artificial intelligence; nursing; bias; equity; natural language processing; decision support
Andrew Roth BC Cancer Research Centre Computational biology; Bayesian models
Julia Rubin Electrical & Computer Engineering Testing of ML algorithms; fairness in ML; software engineering for ML
Tim Salcudean Electrical & Computer Engineering Medical imaging with a focus on the classification of tissue on digitized histopathology slides, registration of multi-modality images for image guided medical interventions, and correlation of images with pathology slides; Demonstration-acquired skills and autonomy in robotics.
Paul Schrimpf Vancouver School of Economics econometrics; insurance; semiparametric inference
Margo Seltzer Computer Science Discrete optimization for interpretable models
Sohrab Shah Molecular Oncology  
Azim Shariff Psychology AI ethics; Psychology of Technology; AI and society
Alla Sheffer Computer Science Computer Graphics; Shape Analysis;Shape Modeling
Sudip Shekhar Electrical & Computer Engineering Machine learning Processor Design, ASIC, Edge Computing, Low Power
Bruce Shepherd Computer Science Optimization; networks
Kevin Song Vancouver School of Economics statistical decision theory; econometric models of game theory; causal inference
Adi Steif Medical Genetics Computational biology; Cancer genomics
Aline Talhouk Obstetrics & Gynaecology classification; decision-making; privacy
Roger Tam Radiology Medical imaging; MRI; clinical prognostication; precision medicine; classification; segmentation
Teresa Tsang Medicine - Cardiology  AI in heart disease; echo imaging; 3D echo; 2D echo; strain; Doppler echo; atrial fibrillation; heart failure; stroke; diastolic function
Mike Van der Loos Mechanical Engineering Human-robot interaction in social, therapy and industrial collaborative robotics; machine vision for robot SLAM; machine learning for human-movement characterization during sleep and physical therapy
Carlos Ventura Civil Engineering Structural Health Monitoring of Infrastructure, Structural Damage Detection and Condition Assessment
Rajesh Vijayaraghavan Sauder Accounting and risk management in banks and insurance companies; Machine learning; Corporate Finance; Corporate governance and performance measurement
Jane Wang Electrical & Computer Engineering AI medical; deep learning for media security; image/ video analytics
Lele Wang Electrical & Computer Engineering information processing on graphical data
Vincent Wong Electrical & Computer Engineering wireless communications; mobile networking; Internet of Things; energy systems
Carson Woo Sauder Applications of intelligent agent concepts (e.g., learning and reasoning) in requirements engineering and business analysis
Dongwook Yoon Computer Science AI applications to human-computer interaction; multimodal user interfaces; speech and gesture user interfaces; video user interfaces; computer-supported cooperative work.
Peter Zandstra Biomedical Engineering  


Emeritus Members

Member Department AI-Related Research Interests
Uri Ascher Computer Science scientific computing, optimization, computer animation simulation, continuous limits to discrete processes, learning methods for applied inverse problems
Holger Hoos Computer Science Automated algorithm design, local search, optimization
Alan Mackworth Computer Science Constraint-based artificial intelligence; hybrid systems; constraint-based agents; assistive technology; sustainability
Sara Mostafavi Statistics Computational Biology; Genomics
Martin Puterman Sauder Markov decision processes:theory and applications; approximate dynamic programming; stochastic scheduling
Siamak Ravanbakhsh Computer Science Deep learning, equivariance
Taylor Owen Journalism  
Andrew Warfield Computer Science  



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