Dr. Alexandre Bouchard-Côté Awarded the CRM-SSC Prize in Statistics 2024

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June 25, 2024

The Centre de recherches mathématiques and the Statistical Society of Canada annually recognizes a statistical scientist within the first 15 years post doctorate for their excellence and accomplishments in research by awarding them the CRM-SSC Prize in Statistics.  This year the award was presented to our own Dr. Alexandre Bouchard-Côté.  

Amongst other things, Dr. Bouchard-Côté was recognized for “his contributions to computational statistics and machine learning, to the development and study of computational methods with impact in the theory, implementation and application of Monte Carlo inference and Bayesian statistics, and for his collaborative research in statistical and computational methods in phylogenetics, with impact in cancer genomics.”

While we are utterly impressed by Dr. Bouchard-Côté’s excellence as a researcher, we also recognize his tremendous impact in our own community.  Dr. Bouchard-Côté is a CAIDA member, a part of the AIM-SI Steering Committee, and Graduate Program Chair for the UBC Statistics Department.  He is also known for the excellence of his training and mentoring of young researchers.  We are very lucky to have Dr. Alexandre Bouchard-Côté as a member of our community and we offer him a very big congratulations on being awarded the CRM-SSC Prize in Statistics.  


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CRM-SSC Prize In Statistics

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