AI & Fundamentals

Representative Projects: 

CAIDA members have contributed to a multitude of projects in the area of fundamental artificial intelligence.  Below you can read about some of our featured projects.  You can also check out our news page for more CAIDA highlights, or you can follow us on Twitter.

Genesis Skylab

Alireza Shafaei,
James J. Little,
Mark Schmidt

Partnering with Artona (a large Vancouver-based photography studio focusing on portrait photography for schools), CAIDA members Mark Schmidt and Jim Little, alongside their PhD student Alireza Shafaei created the first automatic face retouching technology.  Not only is this technology much faster than human retouching (producing “high quality professional-grade results in less than two seconds”), but unlike previous methods it keeps the texture and defining characteristics, rather than just blurring the skin.  This keeps the photos looking natural and surveys have shown that people also find this more attractive.  This technology has been successfully commercialized.  To learn more, go here; to read the published journal on the work, go here