AI & Manufacturing

Group Abbreviation Internal/External
Michael Smith Laboratories MSL UBC
Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute SBQMI UBC
Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster Digital Supercluster Canada


Representative Projects: 

CAIDA members have contributed to a multitude of projects relating to manufacturing.  Below you can read about some of our featured projects.  You can also check out our news page for more CAIDA highlights, or you can follow us on Twitter.

Project Ada

Project Ada is an initiative led by researchers at the University of British Columbia and the University of Toronto that combines machine learning with automation to accelerate the discovery and optimization of advanced clean energy materials. This fundamentally different approach offers the opportunity to deploy renewable energy technologies faster than ever before.  The work in this publication was supported by an $8M, 3-year grant from Natural Resources Canada. The interdisciplinary Ada team has partnered with North Robotics, a Canadian small business that specializes in robotics for laboratory automation, and is also engaging with industrial and academic collaborators around the world to further develop Ada’s core systems and maximize the platform’s impact.  You can read more about Project Ada here.