Cristina Conati has Paper Accepted by the Artificial Intelligence Journal

cristina conati image

April 20, 2021

CAIDA member Dr. Cristina Conati, alongside fellow researchers Oswald Barral, Vanessa Putnam, and Lea Rieger, has had a paper accepted to the Artificial Intelligence Journal. The Artificial Intelligence Journal (AIJ) is the most prestigious journal for AI research.  Dr. Conati's paper, "Toward personalized XAI: A case study in intelligent tutoring systems," focuses on Explainable AI (XAI), an area with a lot of traction to use AI to increase user trust by making the inner workings of a system more transparent. Dr. Conati and her team used AI to help personalize hints to the projected learning level of students in a tutoring program.  Their study not only helped to determine the format of hints that aid the learning process the best, but also identified user characteristics that have a strong effect on an individual’s learning gains: Need for Cognition, Contentiousness, and Reading Proficiency. The researchers believe that personalizing hints based on these user characteristics will greatly increase user experience.  

A big congratulations to Cristina Conati, Oswald Barral, Vanessa Putnam, and Lea Rieger for such an accomplishment. 

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