AI-Related Courses at UBC

Course Instructor
Advanced Algorithm Design and Analysis (CPSC 420) Nick Harvey
AI and Machine Learning Applications in Manufacturing (MANU 465) Ahmad Mohammadpanah
Business Programming and Analytics (COMM 337) To Be Announced
Computer Vision (CPSC 425) James Little
Computers and Society (CPSC 430) Kevin Leyton-Brown
Geostatistics (MINE 420) Ilija (Eli) Miskovic
Intelligent Systems (CPSC 422) Giuseppe Carenini
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (CPSC 322) Cristina Conati
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (CPSC 322) David Poole
Introduction to Cognitive Systems (COGS 200) Kevin Leyton-Brown
Machine Learning and Data Mining (CPSC 340) Danica Sutherland
Machine Learning Fundamentals for Engineers (ELEC 400M) Xiaoxiao Li
Quantitative Economic Modelling with Data Science Applications (ECON 323) Jesse Perla
Advanced Machine Learning (DSCI 575) Varada Kolhatkar
Advanced Topics in Systems, Control, and Learning (EECE 571U) Maryam Kamgarpour
Artificial Intelligence for Decision-Making (CPSC 522) David Poole
Fundamentals of Visual Computing (EECE 570) Rafeef Garbi
Geostatistics (MINE 552) Ilija (Eli) Miskovic
Machine Learning (CPSC 540) Mark Schmidt
Supervised Machine Learning I (DSCI 571) Varada Kolhatkar
Topics in AI (CPSC 532J) Jeff Clune
Topics in AI: Modeling Human Strategic Behavior (BehavioralModels) (CPSC 530L/532L 532L) Kevin Leyton-Brown
Topics in Artificial Intelligence: Commonsense Reasoning in Natural Language Processing (NLP COMMONSENSE) (CPSC 532V) Vered Shwartz
Topics in Artificial Intelligence: Human-Centred AI Cross listed with Topics in Human-Computer Interaction (CPSC 554C) (CPSC 532C / 554C) Cristina Conati
Topics in Artificial Intelligence: Modern Statistical Learning Theory (Stat Learn Thry) (CPSC 532S) Danica Sutherland
Topics in Artificial Intelligence: Probabilistic Programming (CPSC 532W) Frank Wood
Topics in Bayesian Analysis (Stat 520A) Alexandre Bouchard-Côté
Topics in Computer Graphics: Deep Learning for computer vision and graphics (Visual AI) (CPSC 533R) Helge Rhodin
Topics in Computer Graphics: Learning to Move (CPSC 533V) Michiel van de Panne
Topics in Computer Graphics: Visual Geometry with Deep Learning (VisualGeometryDL) (CPSC 533Y) Kwang Moo Yi