AI-Related Courses at UBC, 2018-19

Course Instructor
Algorithmic Game Theory (CPSC 536F) Hu Fu
Artificial Intelligence for Decision-Making (CPSC 522) David Poole
Artificial Intelligence for Social Impact (CPSC 532L) Kevin Leyton-Brown
Business Programming and Analytics (COMM 337) Gene Lee
Combinatorial Optimization (CPSC 536S) Bruce Shepherd
Computer Vision (CPSC 425) Jim Little
Computer Vision (CPSC 425) Leonid Sigal
Computers and Society (CPSC 430) Kevin Leyton-Brown
Convex analysis and Optimization (CPSC 542F) Michael Friedlander
Deep Learning models for Computer Graphics and Computer Vision (CPSC 533R) Helge Rhodin
Functional and Logic Programming (CPSC 312) David Poole
Fundamentals of Visual Computing (EECE 570) Rafeef Garbi
Geostatistics (MINE 420) Ilija (Eli) Miskovic
Geostatistics (MINE 552) Ilija (Eli) Miskovic
Intelligent Systems (CPSC 422) Jordan Johnson
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (CPSC 322) Jordan Johnson
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (CPSC 322) To be announced
Introduction to Natural Language Processing With Deep Learning (LING 530F) Muhammad Abdul-Mageed
Machine Learning (CPSC 540) Mark Schmidt
Machine Learning and Data Mining (CPSC 340) Mike Gelbart
Machine Learning and Data Mining (CPSC 340) Frank Wood
Machine Learning and Data Mining (CPSC 340/CPSC 532M) Mark Schmidt
Machine Learning Theory (CPSC 531H) Nick Harvey
Multimodal Learning with Vision, Language and Sound (CPSC 532S) Leonid Sigal
NLP - Computational Linguistics (CPSC 503) Giuseppe Carenini
Probabilistic Programming (CPSC 532W/539W) Frank Wood
Social and Information Networks (CPSC 534L) Laks Lakshmanan, V.S.
Topics in Bayesian Analysis (STAT 520) Alexandre Bouchard-Côté
User Centered AI (CPSC 532C) Cristina Conati